Sports Massage

Trowbridge Osteopaths and Wellbeing Centre are proud to offer Sports Massage as part of our services. We use our unique blend of osteopathic manipulation alongside traditional Sports massage techniques. Claire trained firstly in Osteopathy at the British School of osteopathy and did a postgraduate diploma at the North London School of Sports Massage. She has attended further training to specifically help runners with Tom Goom, The Running Physio.

Claire has worked with professional athletes including The British Bobsleigh Team and The Samoan Rugby team as well as London Marathon runners, triathletes and ultra runners.  So whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional, we can care for you.

Benefits to athletes are:

  • Improves performance

  • Increases flexibility

  • Eases muscle soreness post-event

  • Prevents injuries from becoming a major issue

  • Promotes recovery and improves posture

Ever wondered why you are injured or struggling at a certain point during training? Our posture and gait assessments are available to help answer that question. 

Poor running posture and lack of stretching are major causes of discomfort for runners and often lead to poor performance, or at worst giving up running altogether. We can organise running assessments to look at your gait, get you back on track, and running efficiently.

Please mention when booking if you specifically want gait analysis.

Training Plans

Whether you're battling an ultra run or you're starting your first 5k, we have a plan to help you. All our sessions are an hour long to make sure you get the best quality care. They include pilates based rehabilitation exercises, stretches specific to your condition and a referral to a personal trainer if required.

5x1 hour sessions


save £34

10x1 hour sessions


save £76


New to Running

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10k Training Plan

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5k Training Plan

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Marathons & more