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Sports Massage

How can it help?

Traditionally Sports Massage therapy is to help ease the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues as a result of physical activity. Sports Massage can help restore normal function where minor injuries and knotty muscles have occurred due to overuse. It is also helpful with postural problems and everyday tension. For physically active people sports massage will help prepare the person for specific events such as triathlons, marathons or perhaps long-distance bike rides. It helps to reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and to prevent injuries. Sports Massage can be used in conjunction with Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment as part of a treatment plan.

Who can it help?

Sports massage is not just for high-end athletes. It is for anyone who requires a deep tissue massage. It is extremely useful for athletes of all levels who need help with pre and post-event work and preparation. The main focus is to relax or invigorate the muscles in preparation for a competition or event. Post-event work aims to help the sore muscles detoxify, realign and heal. 


Sports massage is effective for patients who don’t play sports but perhaps work in an environment that requires sitting or standing in the same position for long periods. It is used for loosening tight muscles and refreshing aching joints.

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Your first visit

Your first visit will last for up to an hour. It will include an assessment of your current problem and include questions about your general health and past medical history.  Your therapist will conduct postural and movement assessments to determine the areas that require attention. A treatment plan will be discussed based on your individual needs. This may include a combined approach of Osteopathy and Sports massage. 

Whether you're battling an ultra run or you're starting your first 5k, we have a plan to help you. All our sessions are an hour long to make sure you get the best quality care. They include pilates based rehabilitation exercises, stretches specific to your condition and a referral to a personal trainer if required.

5x45 minutes sessions


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10x45 minutes sessions


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10k Training Plan

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5k Training Plan

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