Why do people have assessments?

Assessments are free for potential patients to come and meet us to find out if we are the people to help them. We offer both structural and sports injury assessments to people of all ages, whether or not you are in pain. It is for all musculoskeletal problems, not just backs. So if you are not sure what is causing your back problem, joint pain, sore shoulder or any other aches or pains, we maybe able to help.

What happens during an assessment?

We have a brief discussion with you about your general health and current symptoms. Then there is a hands-on assessment of the painful area.

You may be asked to remove some clothing during the check. If this is a problem please say. We then discuss how any imbalances may relate to your health and symptoms. The likely benefits of treatment are explained, along with a brief explanation of the treatment.

Other advice regarding lifestyle or other appropriate therapies is given. People find a check comfortable and informative.

Assessment checks

Brief discussion of any symptoms

Hands-on check of the affected region

Explanation of the effects of any imbalances

Likely benefit of treatment

Brief lifestyle advice


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